Although Google’s search engine algorithms are shrouded in mystery, they are widely accepted as a barometer for gauging the importance of your content on the internet. As a result, a cottage industry has developed that is focussed on gaming the rankings to receive favorable placement. However more often than not, “black-hat” SEO tactics do not work. What works is creating quality content that is useful to your reader. Below are five methods for writing content that will do well in search engine rankings.

1. Keyword Balance

It is no secret that including keywords within your content is one of the best ways to improve your SEO. Researching the search volume that relevant key phrases receive and implementing them within your writing is an important initial step in creating SEO friendly content.

While keyword use is important, it is also something that can be over done. When you use keywords within your writing don’t overuse them to the point that the text reads in an unnatural way. This is known as keyword overloading and it will actually have an inverse effect on your page’s search ranking. Spreading keywords strategically throughout your content and finding a healthy balance of keyword density is critical for promoting better SEO.

2. Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are a small summary of your content that search engines utilize to accompany the link to your page in search results. Utilizing keywords within meta descriptions improves your page’s ranking within search engines while simultaneously allowing readers to quickly understand the content’s topic.

VIA [Business 2 Community], VIA[Zopim Blog]

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