In the past few weeks, Bing rolled out its site safety page, a place where searchers can better understand why Bing is indicating that a site may not be safe to visit. 

In the past, a customer would click on a potentially dangerous search result and be presented with a warning cautioning them that visiting this site could be dangerous, but with no real context or background information. With the rollout of the Bing Site Safety Page, Bing users can now understand in more depth the reasons for the warning, and more technically savvy users can potentially make better informed decisions (e.g. disabling javascript and plugins before visiting the site, or providing the site owner a link to the BSSPpage as a point of reference when they encounter the warning.)


BSSP (“Bing Site Safety Page”) allows users to look at several aspects of a page with a warning, including:

  • The reason the page is considered malicious, for example, malicious JavaScript, drive-by attacks, malware network references, and so on.
  • How often the URL has been scanned, the date the infection was first detected, and the date the infection was most recently detected.

But Bing said it isn’t done yet with improvements.

“While having information about a single URL on a site is interesting, it doesn’t allow someone to understand if this was a transient issue (perhaps from a malicious ad) or a wide-spread problem (perhaps from a badly compromised server),” the announcement said.

So in the “near future,” additional informationwill be available through BSSP to include:

  • The total number of URLs detected as malicious on the site.
  • The types of malware found.
  • When the site was last scanned and the last date of suspicious activity.
  • Warning trigger rate/coverage.

For webmasters who might have malware on their sites, Bing Webmaster Tools offers reporting to understand the nature of the issue and even submit a malware re-evaluation request (launched in 2013). 

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