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Is SEO now PR, but are PR agencies still not ready?

  PR is no longer the future of SEO. It already is PR.  SEOs recognise this, and the majority are now carrying out online PR: whether they call it that or not, all decent SEOs are now creating content and reaching out to online influencers. General marketers realise this. In a survey we recently conducted […]

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Was There a November 14th Google Update?-(Via MOZ)

Was There a November 14th Google Update? On the morning of Friday, November 15th, we woke up to a substantial one-day temperature spike on MozCast. Digging in, there were no signs of a glitch, and it seemed to hit across multiple IPs. The 30-day history looks like this: Webmaster chatter seemed normal and Google has […]

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Image Optimization: How to Rank on Google Image Search

Ranking on image search requires both the optimization of images and page elements to promote the ranking of those images in search, as well as optimization of images and image sizes so they load faster and improve page speed. Here’s how to do it.

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